Why FamilyLife...

The simple answer is that God led us there.  Of course there are many opportunities to make a difference in the world through ministry.  When we answered God's call to work for Him full-time we began to ask where.  We were already aware of the strong pull in our lives to work with families and couples, we just didn't know how that would unfold.  After meeting with our pastor, he encouraged us to continue to seek the Lord's leading and He would show us where we would fulfill His call for us.  To be honest, we thought our destination would be in local church ministry.  As things progressed we discovered our work would be on a much broader scale.


We knew very little about FamilyLife when we applied to join staff.  We had heard about the Weekend to Remember marriage conferences and the HomeBuilders small group studies, but did not make the connection there.  We knew about Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ), but didn't understand how it was connected to FamilyLife.  It was through the radio program FamilyLife Today that we began to have our questions answered.  Soon after we had met with our pastor, we heard a FamilyLife Today broadcast about couples ministering together.  We listened because we knew this was what we were doing and going to do.  We just needed more information about how to do it.  At the end of the broadcast there was information about FamilyLife having opportunities for couples to serve.  We responded and began a journey that was soon to change our lives forever.


After attending our first Weekend to Remember marriage conference in the spring of 1995 and completing our applications to join FamilyLife, we were invited to the ministry to find out more in person.  The Ministry Preview weekend was a time of fellowship, massive amounts of information from the ministry leaders, and deep soul-searching.  We left sensing this was God's place for us to serve Him to reach others with His plan for the family.  But, would FamilyLife feel the same way?  By the end of the week we received our answer with an invitation to join staff!  We said 'yes" and have been on an incredible journey ever since.


Even after more than 16 years on staff we know of no other place where we can serve the Lord to reach couples and families on such a broad scale than with FamilyLife.  We are all aware of the challenges that face families today, and FamilyLife continues to be on the cutting edge of getting the biblical principles that God intends for us to live by into the hands, minds, and hearts of millions around the world.  At FamilyLife it is our mission to help every home become a Godly home!



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